Friday, March 20, 2009


I normally don't come on here to complain about things or even talk about work but this person I've been dealing with is REALLY driving me insane! Let me go back to the beginning. I got a request from someone (who has never really explained what they do in the company) to tell them exactly where my data comes from because they need to "verify" the numbers. Like I pull them out of my butt or something. Anyway, I told them the program we use, they wanted access to it. I sent them to the person to give them access (knowing that person wouldn't give it to them) and didn't hear from them again for a few weeks. Thought I was done with it. Well then last week they come back saying they need "screen shots" from the program showing them my numbers. Like I have this handy and it's just so quick to go pull for them. A. I don't have the time for this crap and B. I still don't know what they are doing! Anyway, they wanted December screen shots - no can do, data is purged afer 45 days. Long story short, finally got all that over with, we were both happy campers and it was done. I just get ANOTHER email asking for screen shots for different numbers. This person doesn't even know anything about our numbers obviously cause he/she (not sure by the name) keeps calling the numbers they need by the wrong names! I'm at my witt's end and DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I just sent another email asking if these requests will be ongoing. AHHHHHH!!! Ok, have a happy weekend friends :)


tb said...

Sometimes you just have to vent on here to get it all out. I understand. I hope it gets better.

Erika said...

thats strange, maybe someone is messin w ya!
hey thats what a personal blog is all about venting! LOL

Jennifer said...

I would tell my boss about it. It sounds weird how they keep asking you for info but you don't know why they went it. If it's a legitimate request, you should be getting time to complete it aside from your normal work, or this person is a tool and needs to be figuring out how to get the info his/herself.