Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Well this weekend I've taken about a million pictures! Here are some of my favorites. On Saturday I met up with my friends Marion and Karla because Karla was in to see some family (who were the nicest people!!)

The very first picture I took ended up being one of my favorites.

I just LOVE this moment
Bel - having a blast at the park. This is my favorite of her!

I love this one - they are such a beautiful family!

Just the kids - if my kids look half this good when they get older, I'll be showing them off everywhere!

The whole family - can I mention these are some of my favorite people ever!

Here are a few from today. This is my friend Amber from school and her gorgeous family.
My favorite ended up being one of just the girls.

This picture cracks me up! Don't they look like a blast?!
A serious picture of the whole family.

Thanks to everyone who let me photograph them and their kids - your pictures will be sent your way asap! I wanted to get some previews out today. Marion I NEED your family for longer so we can get a lot more - I'm bummed I don't have near enough family pics of you guys!


Anonymous said...

Great pics Jill!!!
Marion... love your short hair!!! Bel is so photogenic!! I agree with you if my kids look as good as Marion's i will be showing them off all the time!!!

Velia said...

Everytime I see one of our babies I'm amazed on how big they have gotten. I agree Bel is photogenic. She is to cute! Johnny is so big to. looks like you had a fun weekend. :)

Karla said...

awesome pictures! you are very talented Jill!

Erika said...

awww great pics Jill!!! and beautiful familes and kids for sure!

Jennifer said...

Ooohh, so many great pictures! That's so cool that you got a meet up and photo session. What a busy but fun weekend!

Finleypotamus said...

Those are awesome!!! Marion your hair looks great. Y'all are all beautiful.