Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

It's times like these I am reminded how blessed we are. Here are some pictures of Beck's room AFTER Christmas and a few things that can't fit in his room.

Here is one side of Becks room. The track under the window is not new and the chair with the musical note is not new but the train track, the play-doh, the folding chair, Elmo live, the Elmo garage behind him, and the laser guns on his steps are all new.

We got a new tv for our room for Christmas so Becks got our old one. As always it has "Pablo" on (Backyardigans). He also got this tool bench, tool box, cash register, and Elmo laptop.

Here's the other side of his room. Over here he got lots of new books, a bowling set, and an 18 wheeler that holds cars.

We went to Chris and Sereniah's before Christmas and Rylan had a Mickey Mouse airplane similar to this that Becks loved so Santa found out and knows how much Becks likes Elmo and brought him this.

This is his closet. He got the baseball thing, the globe, and the little people circus track thing.

Behind his lego table is another little people airport he got.

Here's his soccer goal.
His hot wheels "Motorcycle"

My sister got Becks a fish tank. Here it is before we got our fish. It's a pirate tank! We have a fish now. It's a male beta - Becks calls him Dory.

He got this crawl thru thing - not like we have room for it but I KNEW he would have a blast!

And here's his trike!
I know I'm missing tons of things I need to get pictures of but this will have to do! He's ROTTEN!


Anonymous said...

Ok seriously! My boys wanna come play at Becks' house! I think I said that last year too! LOL
He is rotten.. SO WHAT!?
Looks like he had a great Christmas!!

Jill said...

Casey we would LOVE for you to come! Stop by on the way to Jenn's going away party in Waco ;)

jennifer said...

Wait, does he have TWO tvs in his room? Cuz yeah that would be spoiled rotten. But who can resist?

I like his bed like that!

Jill said...

LOL no one's a fake fish tank. The one over his dresser. You just flip a switch and fish go back and forth.