Friday, April 10, 2009


I think most people that actually read this blog are also on my facebook so if that's the case, you are going to see repeat pictures. I apologize in advance! Anyway, last week, we went to Disney World for Beck's 2nd birthday. Yesterday was his actual birthday. Last week was fun and we were pooped! We went to Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, Sea World, and Gatorland. The week flew by. Yesterday we had family pictures done and he was not into it! By the time it ended he got a little better and was very happy to get back in the car and watch Shrek! The car DVD player was a mistake for this family! After pictures, we went to Sprinkles to get birthday cupcakes and then to Texas Roadhouse where we had a huge poop disaster but we didn't let that ruin the day LOL We then went home, and after a bath, sang and opened some presents. We didn't really get him anything other than a few books, a Mickey chair, and a magna doodle because last week was his present. My mom dropped off a golf set and this kid is a golf lover! I think he was full cause he didn't eat much of his cupcake but here's some pictures anyway.

Sorry I'm not sure how to turn a picture in here - turn your head :)


Jennifer said...

These are all so great! I Love the disney ones!!!!

tb said...

I'm glad ya'll had an awesome trip and Becks had a good birthday (minus the poop accident) but I think since it was his birthday we should let him forget that one. :) And...are Sprinkles cupcakes worth all the hype? I've never had one.

Erika said...

happy belated b day becks!
never heard of sprinkles cupacakes but any cupcake sounds good to me! LOL

Velia said...

Hi Jill,

I know I'm super late but wanted to wish Beck a Happy happy happy birthday... I can't believe time has flown. Where you here in Florida? Gosh you should have told us so we could have drove down there to see you. :)

Shannon said...

What a cutie that Becks is. I am glad he had a great birthday! I found out they are building a Sprinkles in Houston but not close to me.